Happy Birthday Thread

Today’s (April 25th) birthday wishes go out to doba
Happy Birthday Doba

But what about me (April 23)? It’s o.k. I forgive you though. I celebrated my 29th birthday at home in Miami by doing something more important: celebrating my (step)grandfather’s 100th birthday! My parents had a party for him with about 30 people. Now that’s awesome. I think he will live a few more years too; he’s in good health. His mind is still sharp and except for using a walker, he doesn’t have any health problems.

Wait a minute… I know I wished you happy birthday in another thread. Let me find it… Yes, I knew I would find it. And it was on the 23rd. See I didn’t forget you


Yippee, it’s Old Man Dave’s birthday today.

Happy birthday, Dave–and welcome to the first year of your life in which–for the whole year!–you’re a doctor.

Happy Birthday Dave!
Is this the big 4-0? or are you 39? In two days it will be 52 for me. Here I am in the SICU at the Veteran’s Hospital working on a “celestial” discharge for one of my patients. “A watched pot never boils”. As soon as I leave to get some lunch, I will be back here. The joys of being on call!


Happy Birthday!! I hope it’s a good one

Happy Birthday OMD!!!
Regardless of your age, you’re young at heart, and that’s what matters!
Have a great one!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!
Best Wishes

Happy Birthday Dave (and Natalie)!

Thanks everyone! It was the “Big 38” this year. In fact, at the end of June - going back to Little Rock, AR for my 20th HS reunion…should be way fun!
My wonderful wife & several of my intern colleagues organized a surprise B-day party for me. It was my first-ever surprise B-day party.
Again, many thanks & I will see some of you in Denver in a few weeks.

Happy Birthday to Natalie

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Nat!! And belated wishes to you, too, Dave! May there be many more to come!

Happy Birthday Nat!

Dave, happy belated birthday and a hardy happy birthday to you Nat. Thanks to both of you for your support and contributions to this site and to our lives as we try and realize our goals and dreams.

Happy Birthday, Natalie! Are you now “older than older than dirt”?

Happy Belated Birthday Natalie! And OMD!!

I hope it was a good day for both of you…


Oh man, I have been studying and missed logging on to find out Nat’s Birthday. Sorry Nat.
Belated Happy Birthday to you and Dave.