Happy Birthday to my Twin Brother!

Hey Dave,
Today is your birthday and your’re feeling fine.
The world is your stage and you are remembering your line!
"Who’s buying the first round?"
Happy 36th! :) :)

Happy Birthday dave and Many, Many More!!! Ah 36…I remember those days well…I think!!! Enjoy the day my friend!!! :D

wow 36 … I remember 36 - I think it was turning 36 that got me on this pre-med kick I'm currently riding (actually, that's mostly true)
best wishes on your b'day OMD

Yeah, sonny, I remember 36 like it was yesterday. I think. Wait, that might've been 38. Oh never mind! After awhile the years all blur together!
Have a great day, Dave!
Mary (age 46)

Happy Birthday Dave! May it be a great one.

36 years old today! Hmm. . . let’s see. Now if I had been a young mother, that would mean you could have been my son. Oh my god! You must be the baby I gave up for adoption!!! :0
So. Happy Birthday Sonny Boy! and thanks for being such a great friend and leader to our group!
"Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible."

Nat, my dear…show up in the Big 'D' & I'll certainly buy us a round!
And for the rest of y'all…thanks a million!