Happy New Year! - What is your New Years Resolution?

Happy New Year everyone! I figured I would start this post so people can put their New Years Resolution on here to help motivate them to do better. It does not have to be long … something short and sweet.

I will start. My New Years Resolution is to improve my study habits by watching less TV and spending my study time in quite places like a library instead of Starbucks.

This Year I am going for straight "A"s!!! I am taking Calculus and I will kill it :slight_smile: Happy 2010!

Another year closer to the MCAT :slight_smile:

This year I am going to “knock the MCAT outta the park!!” I’m attacking it as a challenge rather than a dreaded beast (like last time!)

I’m doing the more traditional thing…

20 lbs of weight loss by the time I have my MD degree in hand!

get A’s in my classes, hit the gym. maybe if i have time…woo a lady…

Try and ace my classes

I’m taking Orgo II, neurosci, physics, stats, cell bio. Guhh…

Ok I’ll shoot for at least B’s across the board. Thats a little more realistic

My new year’s resolutions are:

Rock the MCAT (April).

Have a baby (May).

Get into med school (hopefully, by the end of 2010).

Its going to be a busy year.