Harvard Extension- HCP

Hello hello!

This is my first post! It’s quite exciting and reassuring to know there are sites like these!

Upon reading a lot of the posts, I came up with some questions of my own to those who’ve attended Harvard Ext and some general questions. If I ask a question that has already been answered, please feel free to let me know that it has been and/or kindly direct me!

Other than that, here i go:

  1. I graduated from UCLA as a Communications/Film major with 3.9. I’m currently looking into this program and several others and I’m immensely worried that I will be at a disadvantage. I worked in the entertainment field for awhile and haven’t done math/science in awhile!

    With that said, I was wondering if there were any students who graduated with a BA (or any other non-science/math majors) who took classes at the Harvard Ext program? If so, how do you feel about the coursework? How mcuh do I need to brush up for the classes? Do you feel as though you’re at a disadvantage?

    Some honest feedback would be greatly appreciated. I would hate to move all the way to Cambridge from LA, get a reality check and be one of those unfortunate people who contribute to the attrition rate.

  2. Once I apply to this program and get “accepted,” do the admin office send any info that’ll prep me with info of what to come and what sort of classes I should take? How helpful are the instructors and advisors? I’m fairly independent but considering i’m a newbie, I would love some sort of direction.

  3. For those who decided to attend the Harvard Ext instead of the other Post-Baccs (such as Bryn Mawr, Goucher, any other formally structred programs)- why Harvard Ext?

  4. Anyone move from Cali to Cambridge? If so, I would love to talk to you!

  5. Would anyone care to share your stats? - Those who appled to HES, and ended up staying till the end?

  6. to those who went to med school upon going to a post bac, if you had to do anything differently, what would you change?

    I know I’m shooting a lot out there and your input would be greatly appreciated.

    Any other recommendations or comments are welcomed!

Is there any particular reason you are looking at all formal post-bacc programs versus a do-it-yourself postbacc?

Hi Emergency!

ummm not particularly but here are my following reasons:

  1. i thrive in an atmosphere where i know other students are going through the same thing as i do. not only that, but i love the whole college atmosphere and study groups.

  2. HES- it was to my understanding that it really wasn’t a formal post-bacc. I figured it was something in between and i would love the direction in the beginning (considering i’m a newbie) and the independence i would have in the program.

    pretty much sums it up. i personally just believe i’ll do better with programs such as HES, Bryn Mawr… etc. =)

    do you recommend doing it on my own?

Polkadots -

I just wasn’t sure if you were aware that you didn’t need to go to a formal post-bacc program in order to take the classes for med school. I think when non-trads start researching what they need to do in order to get into med school, formal post-baccs are the first thing they come across, and many don’t realize that you can do it yourself.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both formal programs and doing it yourself. A major disadvantage to most formal programs is cost. I don’t know much about HES, but what little I have heard was good. I believe there are some members on here who have done some work through HES.

I personally am a fan of the “do it yourself”, but realize that is not the best option for everyone. I just recommend that you do some research about the pros and cons of either path (which you seem to be doing) before you drop a ton of money on a formal program. Do some digging - all programs will make themselves sound wonderful - “We have a 99% acceptance rate to medical school”. What they don’t tell you is how they calculated their 99%. These programs often do a pretty tough weed out and/or refuse to support applications from students that THEY don’t think are likely to get in. So, if they have decided that someone doesn’t qualify for their support, they don’t count them in their stats.

Good luck with your decision and research!

Hi – please see my 0.02Cents on the questions below:-)

3) For those who decided to attend the Harvard Ext instead of the other Post-Baccs (such as Bryn Mawr, Goucher, any other formally structred programs)- why Harvard Ext?

I had a couple of classmates at dental school (and the associated med school class) who graduated the do-it-yourself’ approach at H Ext and were very appreciative of the rigor and reputation of the program. Their success in getting admitted was also fairly typical from our conversations that I recollect…