Harvard Post Bac schedule

Hi All,
I am going to start post bac at Harvard this fall. I work 30 hrs/week and plan on taking Phy and Chem. I checked their website and it seems that you have to attend labs + discussions on other days of the week. With 2 courses how does that work out? are you going to school like 5 nights a week? How do you schedule your study time alongside work?
I am also thinking may be I should just take one course then may be do one over the summer at Umass boston, where courses run throughout the year.

The Harvard Extension post-bacc program is designed to let you take three courses simultaneously, with discussion sections and labs, and not have any conflicts. Typically there are several section and lab times to choose from so you should be able to work it out.
You may want to consider taking one course to start with. It will be a lot of work. Good luck!