Harvard Premed

We are considering a move to Boston, and the Harvard premed program offered through the Extension school looks really good (I guess it is Harvard, after all). Has / is anyone used this program to train for your premed?
My wife is looking at a PhD in Nursing program at UMass. Anyone know anything about that program?

I’m at HES right now… taking gen chem II, have taken gen chem I and intro psych there previously, planning to take gen bio and orgo next year. To be honest, before I started taking classes there I wasn’t too sure about the school. I guess I thought less “it’s Harvard, after all” than, gee someone in the business office came up with a nice little revenue-producing side venture to allow anyone and everyone with a couple bucks to pay for a class to say “I go to Harvard.” I suppose I am your typical cynical Yankee. I took the intro psych class as a test drive and found myself pleasantly surprised. The quality of education is high, the professors, while not usually Harvard professors, are highly skilled and passionate about their fields and are good instructors, and you certainly can’t beat the tuition. I’ve had a great experience from that standpoint. Unfortunately I can’t speak too much about the health careers program. I considered officially applying, but at this point I’m not sure that I’m going to go the medicine route (I’m leaning more towards nursing) and I’m not sure that it would really benefit me, so I’ll probably just try to get one-off recommendations from my various professors. I believe that ttraub, another OPM, is part of the program, though, he could probably speak in greater detail about that aspect. You can check out the “unofficial” website, http://people.dce.harvard.edu/~hepps/
As for UMass, I don’t know much about their PhD in Nursing program. Is that at UMass-Boston? I know BC also has a doctoral program in nursing, if she hasn’t already looked into that.

Check out this forum on the student doctor network. There is a ton of information on both of the programs you seek advice about, Especially HES.