Has anyone had experience with professional consulting services?

I am currently a non-traditional pre med applicant. However, I am very interested in having a one on one consultation with someone who is knowledgeable about the process to review my transcripts. Is it worth me applying or should I purse a career in some other parts of medicine? I am currently a Therapist with 20 years experience in emergency medicine in hospital setting.

Thanks for all your help

I wonder about consultation services as well! There is one woman in particular that I bookmarked and I’ve also been curious about med school insiders.

I’m also a non-trad pre med. What other parts of medicine were you thinking about?

I am looking into the branches of 1. Dermatology 2. Emergency Medicine and 3. Orthopedics.

I am looking at counseling because I am not sure what to do. I want an honest hardcore critique of my transcripts etc. I do not want to go to a University counselor because they always say “take more classes” etc. But a counseling service there is no partiality in their opinion etc.

Good luck to you as well.