Has finally returned!

I’ve put the pre-med path on the shelf awhile back, only to have returned to that path and have committed myself to the long road ahead. Rather than looking at medicine, I asked myself ‘what do I want out of a career?’ I answered with ‘something that involves the medical field, teaching, maybe a little research and having some involvement with kids.’ I’ve been sub-teaching on the side of my full-time job since last fall and have thus come to really enjoy helping kids of all ages. After exploring a few options, I saw that a career in medicine offers me exactly what I want.

I’ve had two sessions with my pre-med advisor and will officially begin the pre-med coursework this summer. I’m very excited and look forward to the road ahead, as long and as tiresome it might be at times.

Hope everyone is doing well in their path, whether you have just begun towards the pre-med path, as myself, or you are already practicing and serving the community in your chosen field.

Hey Southpawslugger,

I’ve got to say that I’m in the same boat. I tried to talk myself out of going on this journey, which included a lot of the naysayers in my life. The truth is, I felt like I’ve just been drifting. Somehow I came back to this site, and find myself reconsidering. I realize that it wont be easy, but I would rather give it my all and try than to regret it down the road, and say to myself, why didn’t I just try. I won’t even be able to apply until summer 2011 for the 2012/2013 school year, but that’s okay too. I’m going to finish the prereqs this upcoming school year (Ochem and Physics), and then I’m going to apply for the BS in Clinical Laboratory Sciences at one of the universities not too far from me. I figure that instead of just going for a biology degree, I’d get something that would keep myself engaged. Since it includes taking some classes such as biochemistry, genetics and immunology, it’ll definitely be a worthwhile investment.

Welcome back!