Hat's off to future doctors

Been quite awhile since I posted and just wanted to say how impressed I am at those who have been successful in seeking admission to medical school.

In all sincerity, You really should be very proud of your accomplishment and your future career.

After my second try, I have thrown in the white towel and will be pursuing another line of work. I have met more than a few very smart folks and am encouraged by the quality of future doctors I have met.

For stat hounds, I scored 25 on the MCAT and have a 3.87 Undergrad GPA in Biology. I also conducted research in the U.S. and in China in population genomics.

Off to an MBA!



Hey Jeff. I’m sorry to hear that medicine isn’t your path - I hope you find the right one, and that you enjoy it even more than you hope. Best of luck with the MBA! And the sailing and/or Chris Elliott movies .

Danke. Mucho luck on your med school training. Remember, health insurance companies are fronts for the illuminati.

Good luck with the MBA Jeff.

And I don’t think health insurance companies are the fronts for the New World Order… I mean think about it, they would implement some really basic global health system to keep a large population of slaves productive well into their 90’s. Our current system sadly does not come close