Have I finally recovered my GPA enough to be able to apply to med school?

So my Freshman year started off really well and I had a 4.0 by the end of my freshman year. However, due to mental health issues surrounding a death in my family in the middle of my semester, the lack of insurance to try to seek out help through a therapist, and the abusive nature of my family household, I crumbled. I got a 1.7 GPA my first semester of sophomore year and a 3.2 gpa my second semester of sophomore year. However, I did mount a comeback and finished every semester afterwards with a 3.75 or above. This semester (my first semester senior year), I finished with a 3.95 while taking upper level science classes. My cumulative GPA is at a 3.59. I have one more semester left. I just want to know if I should still be aiming for close to a 4.0 or if I can just take it a little easier than the semesters when I was forced to mount a comeback.

What an amazing comeback! What is your current science GPA overall? 3.59 GPA is on the lower side, but you showed a tremendous trend upwards in the face of adversity.

I would take a few things into consideration…

  1. What schools are you applying to and have you tried to create a strong connection with them?
  2. Are your other stats like the MCAT on the upper end?
  3. Are you a well-rounded student; hours for volunteering and clinical experience?

GPA is only a small part of the application and you are on the higher side of the low side. If the schools you have researched do not screen out GPA, then apply. If your MCAT score is amazing and above average for matriculating students into your top schools, then apply. If you overall have an outstanding application with hours of clinical experience, volunteering and a great personal statement and a prepared way to explain those adversities in an appropriate and positive way during your interview, then apply.

Your GPA is not as bad as I have seen for students who have gotten into med school. If the questions above aren’t a yes yet, then consider some post-bac classes to boost your GPA and apply the next cycle.