Haven't looked at MCAT material in 3+ years; how do I start studying?


Long story short…I thought I was going to go to Medical School when I was in Undergrad, i took the MCAT and had NO clue how to study. I did very bad on it and thought I wasn’t smart enough for medical school, even though I did very well on all my medical school pre-reqs. Now, several years later, I am thinking I made a mistake and should’ve stuck with pursuing medical school…however, I have NO clue where to even start with studying for the MCAT. I really feel that everything I knew about the MCAT subjects, I have just forgotten at this point. Any tips for basically teaching yourself from scratch?


In the same boat as you. Sorry no real expert advice or success story. But I will be getting out of the Army soon and have been studying as much as I can. I was given the Kaplan 2021 MCAT 7 book series. Good material in my opinion so far. Have all my notes from undergrad. Been reading and taking notes/making flashcards when necessary. Switching up subjects every week and trying to get quality time in with one subject per week whether it be 3 chapters or 5 chapters. I err on the side of quality versus quantity so I’ve been doing 3 xhaoters per week. Might not be the fastest, but being 3+ out of the saddle like you, its been a good pace to actually relearn and memorize the info. It’s like hopping back on a bike, the learning curve is exponential and the understanding of the material is amplified as compared to when I was an undergrad belive it or not.