Having a non science major and how it affects getting into med school.

I am a 26 year old pre med student who is majoring in business however I want to be a Physician. I am taking all the pre recs such as biology chemistry physics and math and am receiving a 4.0 in all areas science and non science. Reason I wanted to pursue business as an undergraduate degree is the relevance money currently has in our health system in the US. I want to be able to apply knowledge of this to help patients and the hospital run as efficiently as possible. I know this can also help when looking for positions such as a chief resident. So my question is if I receive a 4.0 in all my science pre recs and get a high MCAT score will it matter to med schools that my major is non science? Also on a side note I’m a cc student and will be transferring this fall I have the opportunity to attend great schools such as UC Berkeley. My other question is should I pick a university that has a great med school program such as UCLA? or will it not matter in the long run that Berkeley does not have a med school? Just want the best chance for acceptance to med school! Thanks all love this forum!

It doesn’t matter whether you major in science or not. As long as you complete the premedical requirements and get the requisite experiences that show your dedication to others, your curiosity about the medical profession, etc. then you’ll has as good a chance as anyone else applying to medical school. In regard to going to a school that has a medical school, that doesn’t matter at all.