Having Trouble Getting a Recommendation Letter

Hi. I need some advice. My committee letter application is due in less than two weeks and I’m still missing a letter of recommendation. I requested it from the nursing supervisor in the SICU where I volunteer back in January. I’ve reminded her once every two weeks about the letter. Several times she’s told me she sent the letter, so I wait for a few weeks, only to find out from my premed advisor that it never arrived. I’m getting kind of worried that she’s not going to send it at all, and that will delay my committee letter application. I don’t want to delay it too much because the committee is swamped and says they won’t do letters for applications received after June 17th. I know that’s a ways away, but I don’t like procrastinating on things.
The other option is to ask my doctor to write me a letter. I’ve hesitated on this because he was so busy he only let me shadow for one day and then cancelled the other shadowing that we had scheduled. And I would feel really bad about asking him now and saying it has to be done in two weeks.
What do you think? Anyone have any other ideas of how to deal with this situation? Thanks for your help!

I would call her again, let her know the letter never arrived, and ask if you can pick up a copy and hand-carry it. Apologize for the inconvenience and tell her that your school has set a hard deadline you have to meet. People don’t realize how long it takes to apply to med school and how important it is to get things done early. Tell she can seal it into an envelope and sign across the flap and you’ll deliver it to your pre-med office still sealed.