Health Field Experience

As I explore all the qualities looked at by medical schools I’ve come across the medical field experience qualification. While my path might be a strange one, I was hoping to see if anyone knew how a board might view my experiences as a massage therapist. I am in training right now in a school more geared toward clinical massage and plan to practice for at least a year or more before I attempt medical school. Of course, I also want to volunteer and shadow in hospitals, and have gotten quite a few hours in a physical therapy environment. With massage therapy becoming a more accepted but still alternative modality in the health field, I was just wondering if anyone had experience with this?

Hello! It’s great that you have experience in health related fields. What is important to admissions is that you have some idea about what it will be like to be a physician. The only way to do that really is to shadow or volunteer in some capacity with physicians. Other health experience is nice,but the clinical physician exposure is pretty important. Good luck to you on your journey!