health insurance for students

this was prob asked before (though my search was not successful), what do most postbacc non working students do for health insurance???

You can check with your university health service to see about getting health insurance through the university. At the school I attended to do my post-bacc work it was required that all full-time students possess health insurance coverage. If students didn’t have proof of coverage through work, parents, individual coverage, etc. the university required them to take the university plan.

Agreed. Most large universities offer some sort of health insurance that students can purchase. Obviously, some plans are better than others. At Ohio State, full time students are required to enroll in student health insurance (cost ~$400 a quarter) or provide proof of enrollment in another health insurance plan. Part time students can enroll if they choose.

A number of universities are considering making health insurance mandatory. Bowling Green State University recently decided to change its health insurance from optional to mandatory.

There are companies out there that provide student health insurance. Not sure about the quality or cost. Typically, schools that don’t offer coverage through will provide info on companies who do offer it.