health insurance

Dear OPMs,

As a nontraditional student who is thinking about working from full-time to part-time, I know that I would eventually lose my benfits, such as health insurance.

Health insurance is something I can’t go without since I do have a health problem. I am single so I’m on my own on this one.

So…is there a way for me to get health insurance? My school doesn’t offer it since it’s small branch. The main campus, however, does, but it would mean that I would have to commute an hour each time I go to class if I decide to transfer there.

My question is: How did you guys get health insurance? I have looked at Blue Cross and Blue Shield, but the premiums are expensive, and my pre-existing condition will not be covered for a year.

Any ideas or suggestions? Please help.

I was in your boat about a year ago, as I took my pre-meds at different schools and therefore was eligible for insurance at none of them. Depending on your state, you could be a candidate for free health care at local clinics and to cover emergency costs (in MA,covered by MassHealth or FreeCare). Many don’t cover prescriptions, but it does provide basic medical coverage… this might be a good place to start:

Thanks for the link. I found one that’s ten minutes away from where I live. I have yet to call them though.