Hi Guys, Sorry for the frantic subject line but I’m in a bit of a pickle over here. I’m sort of new to this website and I’m really happy I found it.

This is my situation. I’m a Junior and I’m taking Organic Chemistry, Physics II w/ Lab, and 3 online classes (on a side note…let me just say this semester has been extremely overwhelming because my 3 year old daughter has been home with me everyday of the week while I go to school, which is not easy at all!). Anyway, I’m doing well in all my classes with the exception of Organic Chemistry (currently failing!!)…I have until Friday to drop the class with a W, I’m not sure what to do? Should I drop it or keep going and see if I can TRY and get at least a C-?

I know I could do better if I take more time to study, but with my daughter being home with me I am beyond drained right now. Almost to the point of quitting I’m so exhausted!

Any advise would be so appreciated. I really want to continue as I have a true passion for becoming a doctor, but I’m so beat right now I’m not sure my brain can handle this load right now

Thanks in advance!


There is a difference is getting a C or a W but you seem to have a real risk of failing the class. Having that pressure of needing to go all out to get a C will also put all your other classes at risk of getting worse grades. In this case, I think the risk of explaining a W with 4 other good grades or the risk of failing Organic and having mediocre grades (and what it will do to your GPA) to explain, and the intangible of psychological hole you would be in for the rest of your classes, taking the W is the lesser risk. You can then offset that in the future with a stellar grade in Organic next term and advanced biochem course to show it wasn’t a fluke.

In sum, take the W is my advice

I always say talk to the professor first, I was slated to get a D in Organic I and I made a B. But, its true, a W is way better than an F!

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If I have ever a choice between a W and a C, what should I pick?

What you should first do is follow

"Rule 1: Take a Breath" Have you spoken to your professor, your premed advisor, etc?

"Rule 2: Trust Your Gut" You have to make and live with the decision. Even though you get advice from the forums, professors, advisors, etc, it is ultimately your decision and don't overlook your instinct on this.

"Rule 3: It Depends" Everyone here is a non-traditional student which implies atypical. Academic backgrounds are different, situations varied, etc and there is no boilerplate answer.

what you are looking for is the right answer. What you need to make for yourself is the best answer, and move on from there without second guessing, looking back, fretting. Evaluate, make a decision, and then focus energy on the future courses and issues.

Take the W. Take a lighter load next time and with the exposure you’ve had you will hopefully catch on sooner.

From what I know about making C’s ( I’ve gotten a “few” in undergrad) they are hard to make up later. Take the W, which I don’t think will hurt your gpa, and try again later when your life may be a little saner.Protect the GPA at all costs. I wish I had done that in undergrad instead of soldiering on with a C. I’m paying the price for that now. NO matter what, when you have a higher GPA, you have a better chance of getting into medschool. If you’ve got a C or worse on there, you’ll end up having to scramble to make it look better.