Hello all, just want to introduce myself

Hello everyone,

I’ve been lurking for a while and felt it was about time to post and say hello. I’m finally getting my life in order, and after hearing Dr. Kelley’s story on NHPR, I feel very inspired to chase my dream of becoming a doctor. I spent my first two years at the University level just pretty much spinning my wheels going after an engineering degree that I never really wanted. So, as such, my grades suffered and I was never really driven enough to apply myself in my tougher courses and ended up just quitting altogether. Well, thanks to a surgical procedure I had and many supportive friends, I am starting back in the fall to take my chem, calc & physics courses at USF here in FL for a Biomedical Sciences Bachelor’s. I have decided to quit my business that I started with my father to put a full time effort into school and go after this thing 1000%. Am I nervous? Hell yes. Is it going to take a level of determination and application that I’ve never given? Hell yes. Do I want to do it? Hell yes!

I am starting just a bit late at 26, but I feel that there is plenty of time for me to achieve my goals and get practicing by my late 30s, but I’m not putting any timetable on myself. My ambitions in terms of a medical area of practice right now lean towards general surgery or anesthesiology. I have many contacts (doctors) in the medical field who have been very supportive and keep encouraging me to go for it.

I’ve always been a very fiscally conscious person and the idea of taking out a ton of loans for my undergrad and med school, but that’s an idea I’ll just have to warm up to. Quitting my job and just doing school really takes a leap of faith. Letting go of that rope is tough.

Honestly, I can’t wait for this journey to begin and if you all don’t mind, I’ll probably be leaning on you guys for an ear to listen at times here.

Thanks to Dr. Kelley for this place and all of you who seem so eager to keep it going.



  • Justso Said:
I am starting just a bit late at 26....

Care to revise your statement......

Hello & Welcome…

  • Justso Said:
Quitting my job and just doing school really takes a leap of faith. Letting go of that rope is tough.

Especially when that rope is around your neck and wont leave you alone. jk

Dont worry Crooz!!I will probably be 30 by the time I get to med school.

That’s how I first heard about OPM–I happened upon a public radio interview with OldManDave that was aired a few years ago.

I finally got around to checking out the forums and attending the conference this year and I’m really glad I did. Even though I’m very early on in the process (still working on undergrad) it’s great know that I can connect with people who have similar goals and challenges to overcome.

You’ll still be young. I’m ancient and I’m 35. So don’t worry. Just start the push and keep on pushing.

no worries- I am also 26 and just started my journey this summer. (Chem I and Chem II) you’ll be fine just make a plan and go for it!! GO FOR BROKE !

  • "Miller J." Said:
no worries- I am also 26 and just started my journey this summer. (Chem I and Chem II) you'll be fine just make a plan and go for it!! GO FOR BROKE !

I am taking Chem I & Phys I in the fall, would you give me any tips for study/learning techniques in these courses? Any advice? How did you do in your classes?



the fall will be alot different as it allows you to spread out your coursework over a longer time frame than the summer would. Honestly, my tips were just to read the chapter before the lecture. - we had a test every week over 2 chapters, I would read the first one on Sunday and then the second one usually on tues or so. our professor had some practice exams on a website which we were able to access and that really helped on the exams, but overall it just took me really wanting it. I wish I could say that I really worked on the problems hard like alot of people here will, but I didn’t. I’m not gonna lie, it’s tough work and while working a job full time and going to class from 5:45-10:00 PM is no walk in Central Park. BUT!! it is definitely DO-ABLE !~ we had so many people get overwhelmed and drop out. the teachers in science departments seem to curve grades from what I’ve seen. this will definitely help you especially when you miss something that you knew the answer to but just marked the wrong one. I probably should have waited until the fall to start taking these, but wanted to make use of the summer. I made a strong A in Chem I; but started Chem II last night and the teacher was just plain nuts. no syllabus, no direction, no following the book, just working from his own personal binder of problems on a chalkboard and erasing everything as soon as he got it out of his mouth. I honestly don’t know what happened to the true “educators” out there.

My suggestion is to do a lot of problems. I used to just do the assigned homework problems OVER AND OVER rather than look for additional problems to do. This made me very fast and in my case many test questions were based more or less on the homework problems.