Hello and where to start

Im starting to investigate the possibility of going to med school and found this site.

Im 25 and a work as a mechanical engineer for a medical device company, and am finding the office work unsatisfying and am looking at a change in direction. I am also a competitive cyclist and have been an athlete for a long time. Between these two things I have decided that a orthopedics/sports medicine path is something i am potentially interested in pursuing, as I feel it would allow me to work with athletes on engineering-type problems, with more direct feedback and rewards from patients than device industry.

That said, im not sure where to start figuring out what is needed. I have a BSE in mechanical engineering from Duke and graduated UGrad with a 3.5 so I have a solid academic base but I know I don’t have all the premed requirements and will need at least organic chemistry and probably some more biology to be a strong applicant. I am in seattle and am considering taking classes either at CC or through UW non matriculated program, but need to find out what exactly i need to take and my best course of action. I would like to have someone locally that I can review the process with and devise a plan. Any and all advise is welcome.


gen chem 1 and II (both labs)

organic chem I and II (labs)

physics I and II (labs)

calc I at least

biology I and II (labs)

recommended courses: genetics, physiology, anatomy, biochem, microbio…