Hello everyone!

I am so glad to have found this site! It looks like there is a lot of good information and support here. I’ve got a way to go yet on pre-reqs, but I plan to take MCAT in spring of '07 and apply that fall. This site looks like it will help provide lots of encouragement along the way. Thank You!

Hi Rustypup! Nice to meet you!

Welcome Rustypup! We’re glad to have you join our little group. The members of OPM are incredibly supportive and helpful. Just do a search or throw out a post on any questions you have and I’m sure you’ll get lots of responses! Above all, try to enjoy the process–it can seem pretty daunting at times!

Rustypup, welcome aboard. Glad to have you. Any questions you have, I am sure that someone has been there/done that.

Hello, and welcome! Poke around, use the Search feature at the top, and ask away!

Hi Rustypup!
I am in the same boat as you - taking the MCAT in Spring of '07 for admission in Fall '08. If you ever want to compare notes, let me know!