Hello Everyone

I just wanted to introduce myself to the group here. I am a 30 year old, former minister pre-med. I have been pre-med for two years now and I am taking the MCAT next week.

I was really happy to find this website and I look forward to getting to know you guys.

Wish me luck next week!


P.S. As usual, I could not think of a clever username.

Welcome Dave. And good luck on your MCAT next week. As to the user name. . . I think it’s just fine (look at mine. . . talk about creative )

Good luck on your MCAT, and welcome to the madhouse!

<-- worst user name on OPM


Good luck David…Did you take a MCAT prep?

Yes, I took a local MCAT prep course at UCF called Putzer’s review. I’ve been scoring pretty good, but not fantastic on my practice tests. I got a 34, followed by four 31’s in a row. If it were reversed I would be a little more excited.

So does anyone have any suggestions about what to do the week prior to taking the MCAT? Mine is friday and I have heard its good to start tapering down your studies as the big day approaches.

What do people who have taken the exam already have to say about that?

Also, how early do people generally arrive at the testing site? My exam is at 8am, so I was planning to arrive at 7:15-7:30.

Getting there at 7:15 is probably good. I don’t know with the computer test. In MY DAY it was paper and you had to have time for them to pass out the test booklets and everything.

I did NO STUDYING AT ALL the two days before the test and I think that is an awesome way to go. Relax, rest up, and let things settle into your memory so you can get ahold of them.

On the day before the MCAT: I went to class, then went to the mall and shopped for an “interview suit.” I figured it was a good head game to play on myself.

That night, went to the early showing of The Matrix. (this was April 1999) That was one weird movie, and I worried that I “didn’t get it,” and therefore wasn’t smart enough to take the MCAT. However, I liked the visual of dodging bullets and so I hung onto that for the next day.

My best Kaplan practice test was a 30. I got a 32 on the real thing. Good luck!