Hello everyone!

Stumbled across this forum the other night, thought I’d say hi. It’s nice to see a community of people that are either in the same situation I’m in or have been there before.

Little background: I’m 28 although I’ve been made to feel about 800 from the professors and whiz kids that soak up the coursework like sponges. Married, no kids. After high school did the army thing until I got injured and now use the GI Bill to go to school. Finishing the last of the prerequisite courses to hopefully get into a Podiatry school soon.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here!

Welcome awp1985,

As Master Qui Gong said in Star Wars: “There is always a bigger fish”, we can paraphrase: “There is always an older pre-med”, so with your fresh 28 yrs old it’s your turn to be “the whiz kid on the block”.

Remember that our brains learn until we die. It is only our prejudice, preconceptions and culture that make us “feel” older. Anyone can learn at any age, what is more, the more experience you have, you become better at synthesizing knowledge and thus have a greater potential to perform better academically.

Memory is like a muscle, use it or lose it, but regarding cognitive skills and learning abilities, one can say the older you are, you have the advantage.

As you said, is all about focus, those so called “kids”–hate the word–it’s divisive, personally I prefer to see people as human beings at different stages of development, do have a different focus due to their distinctive stage of development, just that, not worse not better.

You are in an advanced stage of your journey and I congratulate you for that and encourage you to see yourself as the young lad you really are.

Welcome again and please keep us posted as you go forward, we learn from everybody here, different experiences, different stages of development, different points of views, that is why diversity can only lead to growth.