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hello. i am a 27 year old british male married to an american girl. i graduted from the university of florida with a BS in advertising with a poor gpa of 2.9. i have decided to become a doctor. i took gen chem/gen bio back in 95 and got a D and C in them respectively. however im very good at mathematics and have gone up to Diff eq with a’s and b’s. i was wondering if anyone could advise me the best strategy to get into any medical school at all. im not picky and i realize that with the low gpa it will keep me out of the best schools. thanks very much.

Welcome! What you want to do can be done. First off when do you hope to apply? In your case what I would do is map out a plan to take and retake prereqs. Maybe work towards a masters.
If you do great on the course work and get great MCAT scores there are many schools who may accept you! Good Luck! Let us know how you do.

is it possible that if i complete a second bachelors degree, people may not even know i did a first one, and hence it wont make any difference? or is this viewed as a waste of time/money and its better to do a post bac program somewhere or other?

Adcoms will definitely know about your first bachelor’s if you complete a second…after all you will be submitting every transcript you’ve ever had from a college. Whether or not you really need a full second bachelor’s tho will take some number crunching. Since you graduated with a 2.9 the first time around I doubt you’ll need to finish an entire second bachelor’s to bring your gpa up to an “acceptable” range like Oldmandave needed to do. You’ll need to do some projections as to how many credits of straight A’s you’ll need to get your gpa where you need it to be.
In your case a master’s “may” be a better choice, but since undergrad grades are separate from grad grades your best bet is to simply call some adcoms at school’s you’re interested in and get some opinions.
I don’t think improving your gpa whether through a second bachelor’s, a post-bacc, or a master’s program is considered a waste of time and money by anyone…the question will just be what is the better suggested course for you to take at this time.
Good luck!
–Jessica, UCCS

where is a good level to get my gpa? like 3.5?

You need to know how admissions committees see all your grades. The report form that is generated by AMCAS starts out with a summary that looks something like this (reconstructing from memory so this may not be exactly right)
Undergrad: overall GPA, BCPM* GPA, AO* GPA
Postbacc: (same things)
Graduate: (same things)
* BCPM = bio, chem, physics, math; AO = all others
No matter how many bachelor’s degrees you do, those grades will all go into either undergrad or post-bacc. If you do coursework without intending to get a degree - say, prerequisites or advanced science classes - those grades go on the “postbacc” line. The admissions committee definitely sees them as separate from the undergrad grades, and so it’s easy to see right away if someone has made a significant change in their work habits and performance.
The more new good grades you have, the better impression it makes. This is a better way to think of it than having a target GPA in mind.
I know this is a wishy-washy answer but each person’s situation is really unique; it’s hard to be more specific.