Hello Forum. Need help because of GPA.

Hello OPM forum, I’m Larry and new to the forum and got a lot of good advice from the podcasts. But I’m in need of some help and advice for applying to medical school. I’ve graduated back in 2002 with a very low GPA (2.01). I have taken and retaken some classes and my post back GPA is 2.7 and my science GPA is 3.3 at my post-bac school. But my overall GPA is still really low at 2.37, and because of my undergraduate GPA is low I’m unable to get premed help from my school that I’ve taken my current post-bac courses. Also my overall science post-bac GPA is 2.7 because of classes I took when I was doing research and they were graduate level courses that I took in order to work in the lab I was working at the time. I was not prepared for these classes but I needed the job to pay rent and help my soon to be wife at the time pay for Physical Therapy School.

Additional background info,I have worked in basic research labs(3 years) and have published 2 papers and have poster presentations at international conferences. My work experience also includes working in clinical research (4 years) and working as a lab assistant at a medical school anatomy lab and orthopedic surgical training center. I have been out of work for 2 years, it has been hard getting a job in the San Francisco/Bay area as the competition has been brutal. I have taken the MCAT pre 2015 and got a score of 26. I’m 39 and currently working on physical therapy research and teaching.

I’m looking for premed advising/help as I’m finding it hard to get help and information on what should I do to help me be more competitive. Thank you for your help.

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