Hello from Houston!


I am Layne from Houston, Texas. I found OPM about a year ago…and WOW…what a difference it (AKA, you) has made for me! A big thanks to all of you for your courage to change and stay in the fight, no matter your age, life situation, etc.

The scoop on me:

After 7 years in the military, I made the jump to the private sector to achieve alternative goals in education and to be closer to family. When in college, I had a great interest in medicine and science, but that path was quite easily overcome through two servings of cockiness and a dollop of bravado. I was going to be the next Maverick…albeit in a better uniform! Through no one’s fault but my own, my lack of focus combined with a pilot drawdown led to a desk and a gun instead of a cockpit.

After my years in blue, I have worked as an industrial health, safety, and environmental specialist. It has been a rewarding 10 years in this specialty, but the “what ifs” were still nagging at me. Almost 40 (well, that changed yesterday), I had begun to wonder about the possibilities of medicine and the amazing challenges that I would find on that path. A couple of Google searches and a leap back into the classroom, and here I am!

I am taking the first steps of Chem, Bio, and Physics at the local community college (yeah, I know), and then taking Org and upper Bios’s at U of H beginning in the fall of 2010. The plans are to take the MCAT in early summer ’11 as well as the application process in May of that year.

I know this is a marathon and not a sprint for me. Without all of you, I would have NEVER made this step, so once again…THANKS!

I’m 40 with more salt than pepper, I’m in class with folks that are half my age, and I’m enjoying every second of the ride!

Blessings to all of you!


Hi Layne,

Congratulations on taking the first steps to fulfill your dream!


Thanks, Karen! Looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone here as we achieve common goals together!



Congrats to you for getting started! I’m also planning on the MCAT in spring of '11. Best wishes to you!