Hello from Philly

I just finished my 2nd year of medical school at PCOM and now I am preparing for step-1 of the COMLEX. I also looking forward to my clinical rotations in June.

I haven’t been on this site in quite awhile (about 2 years), but I always found the information here very valuable.

Good luck to all.


I’m from philly as well. I’m pre-med at Drexel currently majoring in Bio/Psych. PCOM is on the list of schools I wish to attend. How is it?

Hello Yolanda,

I like PCOM a lot. We have a systems based approach, which means you’ll start doing pathology & Pharm your 1st year.

We also had visiting lecturer’s from UPENN, Drexel, Temple, & Jefferson.

I have a friend who is starting his 4th year at Drexel med. He likes it, but said they had must pass finals during 1st & 2nd year.

I suggest visiting PCOM during one of their open houses. Hope this helps.

It does, thanks!