hello! i'm new here....

Hello everyone,

I am 28 years old. Married. Two kids. I am currently attending CC. I am so early in my journey to becoming a doctor. I haven’t even earned an Associate’s yet. I would love to hear from others in similar situations. I’d also love to hear from those further along…maybe some advice, what to expect, should i focus on a lot of extracurriculars? Are you all math and science wizzes? i struggled with math all through highschool(10 + yrs. ago). I’m afraid that is going to be a big problem for me. Otherwise, I’m a fantastic student. Straight A’s. I want this so badly!

I am sooo glad i found this website!!! I felt like I was too old to follow this dream and stummbled upon you guys while googling info about older docs and “how long does it take to become an ObGyn”.

Well first you don’t need to be a math or science whiz to pursue this goal, although having a real interest in science, especially physiology is necessary.

For math you are probably going to have to go at least up to trigonometry (needed for Physics). Some schools may require calculus, but for others at least college algebra. You’ll be using algebra a lot in general chemistry.

As for the age thing, get that out of your head. As you will see on this forum, you would probably fit into the younger set of nontrads…there are many of us older.