Hello new member

Hello all. I am so glad i found this site this has a wealth of information that i am finding very helpful.

I am mid 30’s about to try and get in med school I know i have a long way to go. I finished college in 2003 my degree is in hospitality management. I always wanted to go to med school but it was not an option for me when i was younger. I had to work full time to pay for college. I am the first person in my immediate family to even finish high school. I picked a major that was well easy. The school i went to made it possible to go to school full time and work full time so i did.

When i finished school i felt i had done enough but now i want to go on and do what I have wanted to do my whole life.

Next semester i will take a bio class at the local CC just to get back in student mode. I am also applying for local post bac programs also for next year. I think for me the formal setting would be good bc i don’t have any connections or guidance outside of here. I do work as pharmacy tec part time. I thought i wanted to be a pharmacist but working in retail is not for me

Hello and welcome! If you’re interested in pharmacy, it’s possible to be a clinical pharmacist in the hospital. They are a valued member of the team and are very helpful. You don’t have to go into retail. Post bacs are great,there’s always the option of doing a DIY one and as long as the college or university has a prehealth adviser you can get advice on how to approach the whole process. Good luck on your journey!