hello OPM's!

I just registered and am already thrilled to find the support of so many others in my position. I’m inspired by your different paths, your commitment, and your advice.

I graduated with a B.A. in English about 6 years ago, with a GPA of about 3.3. I’ve officially transitioned from mid-20’s to late-20’s, and have no science or math background (I managed to get through college without doing any math or science!). I’m seriously interested in medical school, and am currently trying to decide if I should attempt to get my prereq’s through a community college, a post-bacc premed program, or acquire another bachelor’s degree. I have to support myself, and have considered trying a nursing program to make money for medical school, but lately that seems like a step away from my goals instead of a step towards. I’m currently in Seattle, but am flexible to move about the country. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Glad to be here and keep it up!

Howdy! Have a peek through the forums. I’ve personally asked tons of CC questions since I started at one. Ultimately for my peace of mind I transferred to a 4 year college and have declared a second major, but if I get into medschool sooner I’ll just ditch that major.

Your undergrad GPA isn’t that bad and since you don’t really have any math or science courses, you don’t really need a second degree. If at all possible, I strongly recommend a 4 year college instead of a CC, though. You can also do an informal post-bacc rather than a formal program.