Hello to Me again!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. I am just starting on the path that many of you have chosen. I’ve been a long time lurker but only recently registered. Right now, I am a lawyer and I suppose I always will be (in name anyway) but I’d like to be a doctor. Don’t worry I have absolutely no aspirations to do medical malpractice.
It’s been hard to weave thru all the horror stories and “don’t do it” from the residents and those around you. I realize that most people think I’m absolutely instable, and probably somewhat insane for this. But I couldn’t be happier now that I’ve decided to make this leap. I am very excited about this long, winding road ahead of me (even though I know it will be hard), bc at the very least I feel like I am alive. Sticking with law certainly would’ve been the straighter, financially healthier road, but I was miserable and felt like I was stuck. Yesterday, I went to a recruiting event for my first-year law students and honestly my heart broke for them. I saw the hope and excitement they had - trying to impress us - and felt like they were baby lambs walking into a slaughter. I hope that’s not the way residents look at us.
I am going to stay at my job until April or early May…and then begin my post-bacc program in Bryn Mawr in May. I would love to make use of the linkages, particularly the ones without the MCAT, but most are private schools and I would love to attend a state school and save money since I’m blowing it all the on the post-bacc.
Well, just wanted to say hello and share my story.

Hi StartingOver, thanks for the welcome. Anyhow, I actually responded to your thread. I encouraged you to apply to Bryn Mawr. I almost didn’t apply bc I thought I wouldn’t get accepted either. I also didn’t apply to John Hopskins for the same reason - but also bc I heard from my boyfriend who attended college there that the premeds are crazy competitive there. I literally sent in my application on a whim (one of those ‘what the heck, I’ll get it a shot’) DAYS before the deadline for summer (and they have a rule that they won’t even review your application if all materials including SAT scores, LORs, aren’t in by the deadline). Anyhow, I just crossed my fingers and hoped that transcripts and LOR’s would get there on time. I had my heart set on Goucher bc I thought they’d be more inclined to accept me (I had never heard of them b4 doing research for post-bacc schools). Anyhow, within a week, I got an invite from Bryn Mawr to interview and a ding letter from Goucher. Go figure. I interviewed at Bryn Mawr shortly thereafter and got a call accepting me days later. I couldn’t be happier. Well, best of luck to you…I know this might sound really irresponsible but I try not to focus too much on the money. After all, if I was focusing on money and wise financial decisions, I’d stay in my job which I despise but pays for more than the bills. I just have to make the right decision for me and I’m sure the money will follow. I’ll never be rich but I’ve never met a doctor who was starving (other than residents I mean). Anyway, if this path does make me poor, at least I’m be happier and more complete person bc of these struggles to find my calling and answering that call. Corny, I know. But you only live once.

Dear Counsellor,
Welcome to the Rubber room known as OPM. yes you are nuts. Yes you are slightly off kilter, BUT everyone else in here is as well, so you’ll fit right in. Just don’t disturb Dave, he likes to sit by the window and sing Bee Gee’s tunes by himself sniffing that funny gas they are training him to use.


…I was miserable and felt like I was stuck…
…I went to a recruiting event for my first-year law students and honestly my heart broke for them. I saw the hope and excitement they had - trying to impress us - and felt like they were baby lambs walking into a slaughter…

Hello there!
I’ve been lurking on this list off & on for a while. Currently, I am considering a career change–doing a lot of soul searching. I’m considering veterinary school rather than medical school, however. Although, I currently work in the criminal justice system, I’ve yet to completely rule out the possibility of law school either.
In perusing these boards I’ve noted several attorneys or law students chime in with their dislike for law school or the practise of law.
Right now, I’m in a position where I’m weighing the pros and cons of both routes. From a financial stand point, law wins hands down. And, I don’t mean from an earnings standpoint, but I’m also talking about student loans–if i do go to law school, I plan to go part time, which would alleviate a lot of the student loan debt.
On the other hand, veterinary school is something that feels like a better fit considering my affinity for animals. In my heart, it just feels like a better career choice. But, then I look at my age, and I begin to think about how many years it will take to complete the pre-requ’s before I can apply (I’d be around 38 before I could apply). In perusing these message boards, I’ve also heard a lot of people discuss applying to vet school 2 or 3 times before being accepted (apparently there are far fewer vet schools, than human medical schools). Then, I start feeling mired down with this notion that I’d be starting over, completely, at age 38 or 39, perhaps 40 if not accepted on the first or second trys. Then, I start thinking about all that debt & being in my mid-40s after graduation and starting over–that’s if I don’t take time to pursue a veterinary residency.
I’d be interested in hearing about why you don’t like the practise of law & why you feel stuck there.

I took a job once for the money. Worked in a PR firm in Manhattan and while the salary was nice, the job wasn’t. Ended up quitting when I started to grind my teeth in my sleep and broke one.