Hello to my fellow aspiring Physicians!!!

Hi everyone,
My name is Dana, and I just stumbled upon your site this afternoon from the SDN. I am soooo HAPPY to see that I am not the only mom/wife/older/non-trad student in the world with hopes and dreams of becoming a Doctor. biggrin.gif I have been reading many different post topics, and I feel right at home here. I am a Jr. after being in and out of college for the past 11 years, and spending 9 of them in the Army. I have a three year old daughter, and my husband is also an active duty Army Special Forces Officer. I have to say that reading your stories have been soo encouraging!! Today was my first day of school at a new university (We were reassigned recently), and I was really nervous about letting people know(like my advisor) “YEAH, I DO want to be a doctor!!” for fear of not being taken seriously or being discouraged. I am taking my first 1/2 of Org chem, Micro, and Genetics this semester, and yes I have had my share of having to take classes over. But the thing that I have learned is that my problems are seldom due to a lack of my ability, its always been some sort of mental block I put before myself that prevents my success in a class. I have learned the hard way to push those blocks aside and just enjoy learning about all these awesome sciences!!! As Ive told my husband, I have gotten in touch with my inner science nerd and really started enjoying my classes. cool.gif
I wish all of you the best at pursuing your dreams.
Dana biggrin.gif

Welcome! We look forward to traveling your journey to the practice of medicine with you.

Good to have you on here Dana, and good luck in your classes.

Hey Dana, Welcome!!!

Welcome to OPM! Glad that you have found us! Please feel free to inform others at your school who might also benefit from joining us…we are an open-minded bunch!
Sounds like you have taken the scenic route to med school…much like manyof us here. If you have any questions or wish to pass along perals of wisdom that you have acquired, please feel free to do so – afterall, that is how OPM works!
Again, welcome!

Hey Dana!
If you have some tricks for those blocks…send 'em my way…I'd be glad to get rid of them!
Glad to have you here…I'm a Jr. also…after having taken 6 years off i went back last spring…it's been a rollercoaster thrill ride ever since…
Hope to hear/see more of you in the future!