Hello, yet another pre-med introduction!

Hello everyone! I just surfed on over here after being a lurker on SDN for a couple months. And wow, this site is great.
I’m a 27 year old guy who will soon be a post-baccer this fall at Harvard Extension School. I live in Arlington, VA, and work as a lobbyist at a law firm in downtown DC that represents a bunch of medical specialty societies and disability groups. Before that I worked as a health care LA and committee staff in Congress. My undergrad years were at Michigan State University where I majored in Political Theory.
I was that precocious kid in high school who knew he wanted to be a doctor from the moment he dissected his first frog. But I got sidetracked by the political bug and, with the counsel of my lawyer-heavy family and friends, had to make a choice in careers…so I went the pre-law route. Ooopps.
I ended up doing health policy, loving it, and gradually my desire to be an MD again has gotten out of control. After some shadowing, volunteering, and spending some encouraging time with med student friends, I decided to go for it. I want the challenge!
Even though I am trying to work my butt off to save some money before going to HES this fall, I’ll be lurking around and posting occasion. And I can’t wait to come to the convention in June. (Which is luckily a 10 minute drive away from home!) Time to go register…

You will love HES. I’m taking gen chem there now, have taken an intro psych class there and will be doing orgo in the fall. I’m not actually part of their official post-bacc program, but I know there are a couple other OPMs that post here who are. Best of luck in your pursuit!

Welcome to OPM! And, I especially want to meet you. You see, I am undertaking a dual residency, primary anesthesiology & secondary in leadership/preventive med. As a component of the latter, I will undertake an MPH at Darmouth with the intention of focusing upon health policy. I think we will have much to discuss over a cold beverage or two.
See ya in DC!

Thanks for the warm welcome! So much great information on the site. I can’t wait to buckle down and get to it.
OldManDave–would love to chat over a beer or three at the conference. In the meantime, if you have anything you want to discuss in the meantime, feel free to drop me line at dustin.may@gmail.com. With all the collective wisdom you have imparted to this community, it’s the least I can do.

I guess it is a date then! Looking forward to DC! I need a break!!!

Welcome! (Iknow I’m late but I had finals and now starting

Hey guys…sorry for being a stranger after joining. Been super busy at work lately and making arrangments to go to post-bacc this fall.
Speaking of which I am all settled on attending Harvard Extension this fall. Got my housing all squared away and (hopefully) a unique telecommuting-ish continuation of my current job.
I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in a couple weeks here DC…I’m finally realizing it’s close at hand and am getting pumped up to learn…and drink…then learn some more…then…well, you get the picture.
See you guys soon!

You sound a lot like me! I did a masters in International politics, but always wanted to do medicine, and finally took the plunge two years ago by starting a post-bac program. We should definitely compare notes…