Hi all! I just got in touch with the amazing, marvelous Rick after asking for his advice about medical school. He asked me to come say hi on here, and he admonished me for contacting him from SDN instead of from here. I did want to get you guys’ advice on my info too, so here goes:

I have a 3.7 from The University of Texas with two Bachelor’s degrees, separated by 6 years. The first degree was in 2006 and it is in Human Development and Family Science. The second degree was in 2012 and it was in Microbiology. Before that, I graduated from a community college with most of my prereqs done (chem, o chem and physics) and a 4.0. Between the two schools, I have over 200 hours of college credit and, when averaging my scores together, I have a 3.8 cGPA and a 3.7 sGPA. However, I did have around six to eight dropped classes up to the second to last semester I was in school. I made B’s in a lot of my upper level Biology coursework.

I will be taking the MCAT in August and applying this year. Leadership wise, I have been teaching science for the past two years and used to hold a small political office where I served as a precinct chair for the Travis County Democratic Party, managing house meetings, block walks and voter registration drives. Medical EC wise, for the past year, I’ve volunteered both for a hospital and a hospice. I worked for a pharmacy for a year and a half and got to run the health screenings for them, testing cholesterol and blood glucose tests. Years ago, I volunteered for another semester for a hospital and spent one semester multiple years ago shadowing pediatricians. I have no actual science research experience, but I did some social science research during my first degree and then had research methods coursework where we were turned loose in a lab to run our own experiments and I chose to work with microbes.

I really don’t want to sell myself short, but I also know that with the ugly dropped classes, the appearance of career exploration, the B’s in upper level bio and the community college background, I really have no idea where I stand. PLEASE help! I truly beg you for advice!

Your bio looks great! With your stats and EC’s you definitely should have a great chance however; taking the MCAT in August may put you behind a bit here in Texas as the application has already opened and invitations for interviews start rolling out in June. I’m not saying it cannot be done, it would be better if you were to apply a bit earlier. I’m sure a few others will pipe in as well on that topic. Other than that you look to have a solid chance and you’ve come to the right place, lots of great folks here. Good luck to you.

I also say go for it. Be able to explain your unique college journey, but I don’t think the CC history will hurt you at all. Contrary to the other forum site, you can still get into med school with CC credits, without a 4.0, without a 45 MCAT, and even if you don’t click submit on June 1.

AMCAS will process your app without your score, so be sure to submit in time for it to be processed before your MCAT scores get published. I know all of the schools I applied to wouldn’t touch my application until I had an MCAT score on file, so don’t expect (m)any secondary app invites until the score hits your record. It’s like a month or so after the test that you get your scores. It may ease your mind a little that I wasn’t AMCAS verified until 2 Sept (including MCAT scores) and got my first interview invite for early-mid Dec.

Best of luck!

Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate the support. :slight_smile:

Hello OPMs!

I can now say that I am anxiously awaiting interview invites for this year. I completed my applications between 8/27 and 9/21. I scored a (10/10/11) 31 on the MCAT. I have one interview already and I’m just hoping that won’t be the only interview I get, but I’m quite happy to have my first.


Hello again! I just wanted to drop a line to update everyone. I ultimately received 4 interviews in Texas, at UTHSCSA, PLFSOM, A&M, and UTSW. I was accepted to PLFSOM in December, but then matched into UTHSCSA. I can honestly say that the support here, as well as on the evil sdn, has been exactly what I needed, and I’m ready to support others through this process. If I can make it, YOU CAN TOO! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me.