Hi, my name is Michael and I appreciate the chance to be a part of OPM! Nearing forty and I still have numerous premedical studies to accomplish…but I am steadfast in my goal. I’ve been in practice as a behavioral healthcare provider for almost 15 years and have found there to be a gross lack of access to both child/adolescent and adult psychiatry – whether rural, agency, outpatient, inpatient, telemed, etc. I’m excited to be on this journey but quite reserved. I feel it’s a nice balance at this time – not overly confident nor apprehensive about the next step. I figure if the door is suppose to close it will close. I look forward to interacting here and wish everyone the best in their endeavor.

M.A. & Ph.D. in Professional Counseling

M.S. in Psychology

Obsessed with the art and science of clinical mental health counseling.

Welcome Michael! How did you find the forum? Have you checked out the podcast?

Just a good ol’ Google search… I believe it popped up in an ‘IUHS’ search… I have not checked out the podcast. Thanks for the welcoming!