Hi everyone. Although I have been periodically coming to this site over the past few years I have never joined and never posted. I had many doubts about going back to school, brought on by fears of being too old, too “non-traditional” but I have to say the stories I have seen on this website truly impacted on my decision to go forward. I am now registered in a Post-BAcc Pre-Med program and expect to be logging on more often for inspiration. So, thank you to everyone who posts and participates. It is encouraging and inspiring. -Sam

Welcome to OPM. Please let us know how the PostBac program is going. I am looking at whether or not to do a PostBac vs Master vs class by class PreReq - so I would be interested to hear what your opinions are as well as what anyone else has to say.
Again, welcome!
- Seth

I am pretty new here, but I know that this place is a haven for inspiration and support.
Congratulations on your decision and good luck on your path.

Sam, as you already know, OPM is a great place, and even better once you start posting your own questions.
You’re never too old, so good for you for taking the plunge! I too had the same doubts years ago and it was OPM that convinced me that it was possible. Now I can confirm that!

Are you doing postbacc work at Columbia by any chance? I’ve been considering going that route…any thoughts?

Hi Sam! Welcome to OPM. You’ll find lots of support and inspiration here.