Hi my name is Kelly. I have been enjoying this website for the last couple of days and decided since everyone on here seems so friendly and supportive of one another that I would like to join! I have never joined one of these so please forgive me if I posted in the wrong place! So a little bit about myself…I am a 25 year old single mother to a 7 year old boy! I’ve always wanted to be a doctor but after having my son as a teenager my life tooks some unexpected but enjoyable turns. I was afraid of being selfish, or not being there enough for my son if I persued my dreams. I also felt like my dream was just that a dream. Everyone said be a nurse…but it just wasn’t something that I really wanted to do. At first I listened to others and started on that path but I realized I was spending the same time away from my son and not doing what I REALLY wanted to do. So I went to a symposium at Wayne State School of Medicine. And from there I was hooked. It was a non traditional student section that I attended. I saw a lady speak there with 3 little girls and a husband who was in her second year of medical school! I was amazed at her strength and she kept saying if u want this u can do it.I knew I could. I had previously taken classes and dropped classes trying to juggle work and school. So after that I did it. I quit my job enrolled in Human Anatomy and Physiology (for like the 4th time!)lol! And I did it! I completed it with a B! I know its not an A but I worked hard and it showed me that I am capable. I start at U of M dearborn in the fall to complete my biochem degree and I am motivated and ready for this exciting journey! After reading everyone elses stories it clarified to me more that anything is possible if u are willing to put forth the effort, and u let God take the wheel! Looking foward to chatting with u all!

Thank You!!!

Welcome, Kelly! I hope you will find lots of helpful info and comments here.

Welcome to the party Kelly. We look forward to hearing more from you as your journey goes forward.

As a former single Mom, I hold a special place in my heart for those aspire to become physicians one day. Good luck and be sure to keep a reasonable and flexible timeline for you to achieve your goals.

Hi Kelly. Some days it feels crazy to be on this path, as a parent, especially a single parent. But IMHO, the more you say it out loud, the less crazy it feels. And when the bills are paid and it’s not finals week and my child isn’t sick…on those two days per month…it feels great.

Seriously, your child is seven. It’s so do-able. This is a good place to come for practical advice and support. There are lots of us on the path with you. Welcome and good luck.