Hi. I’m just starting the process for medical school. I’m glad I found this site. There is a lot of useful information here.

I have a BS degree, but it isn’t in a science discipline so I’ll need to go back and do my pre-reqs. I need to get the classes from a 4-year school (per the medical school admissions office) but it is difficult since I have a full-time job and some of the classes are only offered during daytime hours. Has anyone else had this problem?

I know several that work full time and go to school part time while holding exec level positions…

I am not one of them (I’m trying to stay sane while working part time, school part time, raising teen age son alone, fostering dogs, and shadowing physicians.)

They probably do all that too… I’m just lazy.

Story of all our lives. Silly universities think that everyone going to school doesn’t work, doesn’t have kids and goes to school between the hours of 10 and 4!

I’m a little upset today. Probably should include a disclaimer with all posts…consider this that disclaimer.

I actually work full time, try to get enough credit hours to hit full time and make sure I’m at every football game, wrestling match and any other event my 9 year old has going on…as well as fit in the volunteering and now plan a wedding. Good luck finding the solution, it can be done though, just have to be inventive.

This is the same problem that I have. I work full-time and have a family. And while I have been able to take some classes in the evening, most upper division classes are only offered during the day. And the only solution that most people have been able to offer me is to get another job that is more flexible. Well that sounds great and all but in this economic climate I don’t see how it is advisable for people to just up and quit their jobs and try to sell their houses.

I’ve toyed with the idea of trying to use vacation time to take classes, and while I have a really nice boss who’s been very supportive about me going to school, scheduling time off every other day for a semester is likely not going to go over well. So I’m really looking for ways to make this work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.