Hi, I joined old premeds about a year ago but never told my story so here is the short story. BSME and a MBA but always had a interest in medicine. My science GPA is ok about 3.3 I had a rough start in the beginning. But my post graduate GPA is about a 3.6. However, I’m a little discouraged because I just receivied my Orgo II grade and I got a “C” and I heard that med schools really look at an applicant’s Orgo II grade in determining acceptance. I did get a “B” in Orgo I. Organic chemistry sucks, I really had a hard time in that subject. Now, I know why these classes are required. Am I just wasting my time and money applying to med school? I’m glad this group exists because I really need some direction.


I stand corrected I guess I joined almost three years ago. Wow, does time fly!