Help! Do I take Gen Chem II online, or add a year to my timeline?

Hello There,

Thank you in advance for any input /advice!

I am doing a DIY-PostBacc and have successfully taken stats, Gen bio 1&2, physics 1&2, and have almost completed Gen Chem 1.

I was slotted to take Gen Chem 2 this summer, but the school canceled the class due to low enrollment. I was planning on knocking out Gen Chem now and completing orgo 1&2 in the fall/spring. But now the plan needs to be altered.

Do I scramble to find an online course and risk the stigma that comes with online courses, or do I accept that my schedule is going to be shifted back by a year?

E-mail/call the medical schools that you’re interested in. Per MSAR, it looks like it depends on which school you apply to. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t risk it as I don’t want to pay tuition twice if they require in-person prereqs.

Thank you for your response! I called/emailed multiple schools and the majority said they wouldn’t think much of one online course, but that the lab needed to be done in person.

I enrolled in an online course and will be taking orgo 1 in the fall. I agree that there are financial risks associated with that choice. However, I am fortunate enough to have a strong income, and I am 28 and would like to begin my medical journey sooner than later. Should I need to eventually retake chem II in person to satisfy any concerns admissions may have, I’ll accept it with grace. I’ll also try to send you a message letting you know you were right :sweat_smile:

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That’s great! I started on my journey a bit late. Anyways, good luck on your journey!

Are you currently in the pre-med process, or have you successfully made the transition from pre-med to med student?