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right now I am at a Bible College that is not WASC accredited. I hope to transfer next term to an accredited school.There I plan to finish up my ministry degree and start doing my pre-recs. So my questions are 1 will the grades I got here count when I apply to med school or only the classes that transfer next term? 2,what are post-bacc programs?
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the AMCAS (consolidated application service for MD granting schools (except Texas)) requires that you report grades for all college classes attempted. I would assume this includes classes from non-accredited institutions - but if you have any questions, you can call AAMC/AMCAS and ask them. Since the new application season isn't really ramped up yet, you'll probably get a patient person who will actually answer you.
a post-bacc program is a post-baccelaureate program - that is, one that you take after a bachelor's degree. It does not lead to a degree, so it is not like a master's program. There are several kinds. Some are intended for non-trad students who have older degrees in other subjects and enter a post-bacc program to complete their med school pre-reqs without having to matriculate as a degree seeking undergrad. Other programs are designed for those who have already applied once and not been accepted, the idea being to improve their academic credentials. Still other programs target underrepresented minority students (URMs). Still others consist not of the basic pre-reqs for med school, but advanced studies, often the same subjects as first year medical students. These types also serve to improve a student's academic record and chances for admission. Some programs have links to medical schools with various levels of comimittment between the programs.
If you search the archives, there are a few good discussions about post-bac programs, links to sites for post-bacc programs, etc.
Good luck on completing your bachelors after you transfer.

there is also a list of post-bac programs with websites & contact info, at