help needed regarding secondaries

I am in a need for advice regarding secondaries. I recieved few secondaries that request me to state my special interest in that specific school. I am debating how to approach such questions. Most schools I chose were ones that seem to have an integrated curriculum and early on clinical experience, as well as stats that make me a competitive applicant. Of course I can write trivial things about the school but I try to avoid anything that sounds like it was taken from the school brochure or website. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Hey. I think that is my most dreaded essay as well. Luckily I only have two secondaries that ask that. I would say just expand on the reasons you listed in your posting (minus the comment about having competitive stats), they’re very ligitimate and good reasons to want to attend a school. Also, what I did was search the forums here for any topics about the schools I was interested in. You may learn more about a school you’re interested in and then you’ll have additional reasons to write about.

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Different schools allow different amount of space/ lines/ words to answer the question. Write exactly what you said in your post + if you have some space left expand on something uniqe about the school that you found on their website and how it fits your personality/ iterests / etc. And if you still have space left write something about location (that you’ve always wanted to live in place X b/c… or something like that).

Hope it helps.