Help! New Here

Hi everyone! I need a little help…I’m new to the board. I’m 27 yrs old and graduated in '03 with a degree in History and minor in Bio. My GPA was uhhh not the greatest at 2.5. Since I graduated I’ve been working in a non-medical field but I really want to be a doctor. I’m looking into applying to post-bac programs but I’m afraid my current GPA won’t be good enough and I’m feeling like at 27 I’m too old to be thinking about med school. Any suggestions? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I’m 27 too! I don’t think you are anywhere near too old!!! (yuck!-- stop that thinking!).

I have no experience with applying to post bac programs, so maybe someone else can comment on that.

BUT with my friends who have applied to med school, imho I think you might have some resistance with your GPA (even with a fantastic MCAT)—your post bac GPA needs to be near perfect

If you’re not able to get into a formal post-bac program, you can take the pre-req courses on your own at a university near you. Just make sure you start slowly, identify any problems as you go, and get help early and often if you need to as you start. You need to have super-excellent performance from here on out.

At 27 you should have many years to regret dismissing your dreams or taking a job for some reason that doesn’t really matter. Pay attention to Denise. If you wind up applying to med school you will need excellent grades in every class from now on.

I’m wrapping up a premed program at a school with no formal post-bacc. If you need help figuring out which courses to take make an appointment with the campus pre-med advisor.