Help Our Conference Exhibitors and OPM

Hey all

The conference is made possible mostly by the fees paid by our exhibitors so we should show them support. I have been asked by the Army Recruiter who attended our conference, Sgt. Chris Armbrust, a combat medic who is an oldpremed planning on medical school after his service, for our help. His superiors want to see the “ROI” (return on investment) for the time, money and resources in sending recruiters to small events like ours. The number of interested students in the Health Scholarship Program is how they measure ROI. Since it is my policy to NEVER release our mailing list, I will ask that for those interested in having their email address forwarded to this recruiter, please send a note to I will compile and forwarded to the Army.

Thank you for support our exhibitors, our armed forces, and OldPreMeds