Help with a Milestone!

It was with the help of the OPM community that the Medical School Headquarters Podcast grew. A recent survey of my listeners showed that almost 50% are non-traditionals!

I’m closing in on Session 100 - yes - we have put out an episode every week for almost 100 weeks now!

For Session 100, we want to share stories of listeners. Our biggest feedback has been how our guests stories of overcoming hardships has made the biggest impact.

Carrie (from OPM) was our guest in Session 74 and shared her journey on the podcast. One of the stories I’ve received for Session 100 specifically mentions how Carrie’s journey impacted this listener.

Do you have a story to share for Session 100? Email me! ryan (at) - I’d love to hear it!!

Story in progress…

It’ll be doozy in a couple years.