Help with bio pre-reqs!?

Hi everyone!

I am planning on starting the pre-reqs and need some advice. Most med schools say “1-year bio with labs” but what kind of bio? My school (4-year school) has so many different types of bio, I’m not sure if all of them would meet the criteria? Does it have to be Bio 1 and 2? Or could it be, for example, Bio 80 which is female physiology? Most of these have pre-reqs, so I guess that narrows it down. Similar question regarding physics…does Into to Physics with lab count towards the 1-year requirement?


Your physics needs to be a version that includes lab. It does not have to be the one required of physics majors.

Biology - look at the introductory sequence required of biology majors and take that. DO NOT take classes that would not count toward a major in Biology.

If your school has a pre-med advisor, or some online resources for health professional students, you should be able to find out recommended sequences of courses to take. Make sure you choose the most rigorous among appropriate choices. Don’t choose “physics for poets,” for example. Good luck!


A little off topic, but your comment about “physics for poets” reminded me of 2 half courses I took way back (20 years ago) in my undergrad thinking they would be “bird” courses - they were not

  1. Poetry for Scientists

  2. Literature and Science

    Actually I don’t remember them having any relation to science what so ever.

    Anyway, thanks for making me laugh Mary!!


Thanks - I appreciate the help - I will be sure to stay away from Physics for poets!