Help with Pre-Req Decision

So my situation is as follows:

-Graduated with a BS in Nursing 2001- 3.5 GPA

-Took most of the pre-reqs for Med School 1997-1998

-Science GPA is 3.2

-Worked as RN X1 yr in L&D then 4 years in infertility

-2006 graduated from UPENN with 3.97 from the Women’s Health NP Program

-Now have 2 years experience as women’s health NP

I’ve met with an associate director of admissions at one of the local med schools and she suggested taking O-Chem and Physics this year at 4 year institution and then MCAT in Spring with hopes of applying for 2010 admission into med school.

Here are my thoughts:

I’m thinking about re-taking gen Chem 1&2 this year with physics and then Bio + O-chem next year. Then, take MCAT spring of 2010 and apply for 2011.

I asked the admissions person I met with for her take on this and she said that it was not necessary, as I would be expected to get As in these courses since I’ve already taken them, and she also said that it would not be very impressive even if I did well on them b/c they are intro courses and I would be re-taking them. I did get Bs in these courses, so she also said if I wanted to re-take them to improve scores and for personal reasons, it certainly would not hurt. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve taken these courses, so I’m thinking it may be a good idea?

My thoughts are as follows:

Spreading out the pre-reqs may give me an overall better chance of doing well in the tougher course- o- cham, and will prepare me better for the MCAT. But on the flip side, I have already met with the school and they seem to think I could try to apply after doing really well with the shoreter option. We’re talking As in both O-chem and physics, plus a 30 on MCAT.

Any advice is welcome!