Help with preparing for Year 1

I have been out of school for 5 years now and will be heading back this August to UT Southwestern in Dallas. I’m now married and will have a brand new baby also when I start up school again. I will have quite a bit of spare time from now until the baby arrives this summer and would like any advice that you might have on what I could do to prepare for my first year to make the transition a little easier. Are there any specific subjects that I should brush up on or start studying for? Would you recommend just trying to recapture lost knowledge from undergrad, or actually trying to get a jump start on some of my new classes? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Hi there,
Look under the “Applying for Medical School” topic list where you will find a item called " You’ve been accepted, now what". I have listed some recommendations for the summer before starting school.

The best advise that I got from my sister was to relax and spend time with family and friends. I also worked to finish paying off my car payment, so I started my med school year with no loans.
I had friends here that gave their old notes to friends that were starting that year so that they could start reading before school started. They also read from the Netter, looking at the basics first so that they had a basis before they started.
I also think that your wife will probably need a little of extra attention right now. Make sure she gets it now because when you start school, she may think that she is placed on the back burner.
Just my &#36.02
Rachel Wankum