Hi, all.

I’m so happy that I stumbled upon this forum, first and foremost. I’ve been having this inner struggle with myself about medical school and the long journey ahead, and it’s wonderful that I can actually touch base with people who categorize themselves as “non-trads.” Anyway, I won’t bore you to tears with a long monologue about my journey, so I’ll cut to the chase. My twenties were spent slacking off and not having a clear aim about my career goals, so I dropped out of university and didn’t take my academics seriously. After being nomadic for a while, I decided to spend some time volunteering at the hospital lab, and after conversing with passionate people, a childhood dream of mine resurfaced and that was to be a physician. I decided to re-enroll in school this summer semester. Since I flubbed academically previously due to personal issues and being immature, I sincerely hope that hard work can prove that I’m mentally ready for school. I’m 28 right now, and all my peers that went to medical school are already entering their residencies and they try to discourage me because of my age. I really want to be a doctor. I’ve never wanted anything this bad in my life, and I am determined to work my hardest. How should I ignore the discouragement? I tend to be swayed easily by others. Does anyone have any stories of people that turned their life around, and pursued their dreams? Thanks again.

I’m looking forward to hearing all of your stories, and good luck to those who are applying!

Welcome to OPM!!

Most of us here ARE stories of turning poor academic records into superior ones!

As for how to ignore the discouragement? It’s actually quite easy, find another set of friends. And if as in my case this discouragement comes from relatives too, minimize discussions with them about your goals and dreams.

Hang out here for a while, and you’ll get ALL the encouragement you need!