Hello, I need some input on what this could be my aunt whom is in Spain is 55 years old and she is suffering from some rare thing. She had MRI, CAT, etc. for what it is and no one can figure this out. She gets really dizzy every time she gets up and she even falls down on the floor. No one over there has figured this out. Sometimes if she stands up she knows that she will fall down and she then sits, but unless she is sitting down she gets very dizzy to the point that her whole life has changed. Any ideas?

This sounds like benign positional vertigo to me, which wouldn’t show up on CT or MRI. Let’s see if I can pull this stuff up from my med school years…The problem is a vestibulolith - a stone - in the vestibular system. When she changes position, the stone rolls around stimulating the little hairs lining the canals, which the brain then interprets as new changes in position, producing intense vertigo.
The ENT folks do this manipulation which rolls the stone out of the canal, fixing the problem.
But hey, I’m a surgeon. You might want to ask someone who knows more about this than me… rolleyes.gif

Well she did mention going to the ENT and they said that everything seemed okay on that end. Also she gets dizzy not vertigo, I am totally baffled for my poor aunt is now constantly laying down for as soon as she gets up she gets really dizzy. Forget about doing any housework or cooking and my mom has to go with her shopping in case she falls down. She says that many times she knows when she is about to fall or pass out or whatever and can just get on her knees to prevent hitting the floor hard. I feel so helpless not being able to be there for her and having no clue on what this could be…what about lupus?

Talk to her physician. There is specific physical therapy for 'benign positional vertigo' (misplaced otoliths) and it works.

Sounds like maybe what she is describing as “dizziness” is syncope or pre-syncope (rather than vertigo), is that correct? Syncope can frequently have a cardiovascular related cause, but I would have thought that her physicians would have considered something like that early on (e.g., worked her up for orthostatic hypotension). What specialists have seen her for this condition?

They have done from my understanding the whole gamut of tests, from cardio to ent. I really hope that someone finds out soon what her possible sickness or disease is…