helpful chem/bio sites?

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I am new at this site. I was wondering if you guys know of any site that would enhance my studies in general bio and chem. I dont’ like my textbooks. I love multimedia resources. Do you guys know of any online sites where there is activities that I can do to further my understanding. I am a visual learner and I just need visual reinforcements.

I’m pretty much a visual learner too…(but I read my chemistry book much of the time)! That said, for basic nuts & bolts chemical structures, try It’s got some helpful links, but those links are not generally academic. If your professor doesn’t lecture well, you can try a google search for that topic. Be aware that surfing for “an easy way” can eat up a lot of time…that you could spend studying! check the preface/intro section of your textbook…there’s often website listed there.
What worked for me was to understand every illustration, chart/graph, table, photo, etc. to the point of knowing it by heart (and being to see it in my mind’s eye even when it wasn’t in front of me). Never missed a class…front row (helps me pay attnetion), took good notes…draw your notes if that helps. I found that I got a lot out of classes this way. I still read, but by then I was reading out of curiosity, a need for clarifying some point, etc.
If your math skills are good, chem and physics will be some work (lots of it), but it’s very do-able! Good luck!

For bio:
* the u of az Biology Project is fantastic:
* if you have access to the Campbell & Reece biology textbook, the CD-ROM with that is fantastic and makes learning very pleasant
* any of the coloring books e.g. physiology are excellent
* videos or TV shows on basic anatomy/physiology are often very nice too (and you can color while watching)

Hi, I’ve come across a site for chemistry. It is done by a professor at U of Wisconsin.
If you go to this page and select the Chemical of the Week this will take you to a list of chemical compounds to choose from. The list explains the compound or element and gives diagrams of the chemical structure.
This may be of help to you - Seth